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Mission Impossible!

We brought this huge cigar smoking crocodile from outside a shop in Cozumel Mexico. He stands 5 ft tall. We had to take him on a ferry then get him to the airport and on the plane, Many thanks to Jet Blue for being so understanding. We covered him in empty water bottles then wrapped him with copious amounts of bubble wrap!


I've decided to have all new shelving for my collection so every croc is being cleaned and photographed before going on the new shelves so I will have an exact number soon.
I'm hoping that it will be more than 4000, when its all done i'll be contacting the Guinness World Record people to get in the book.
If you have a Crocodile or Alligator Park or do anything croc related and you want me to advertise for you please contact me, it won't cost you anything. I'm just happy to spread the word and get more people loving and understanding Crocs.

crocodile collectables first blog!

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to my very first blog, I would like to start by saying a big thank you to everyone who has been on my website and supported me on Facebook.
As you can probably tell this is my first attempt at a website so please forgive my mistakes. If anyone has any ideas to improve it please let me know.
I have a Facebook page called Crocodile Collectables and I donate 10p for every like that I get to Cransley and Cynthia Spencer Hospices in Northamptonshire. They provide an invaluable service and care for people and thier familys when they need it most, unfortunatly they have had there funding cut again and need to rely on charity more than ever, they need in access of £1,000,000 to keep doing what they do best so every little helps.

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Mission Impossible!
crocodile collectables first blog!


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