Crocodile & Alligator Collectables - Guinness World Record Attempt

Sumutpraken Crocodile Farm and Zoo      Bangkok Thailand

We visited this park last month and were very impressed. It costs 300Baht (£6) to get in and was worth every penny. The crocodile wrestling show was the best I've ever seen. The trainers are crazy, they put their heads in the crocodiles mouths and people threw money into the pit which the trainers put into the crocodiles mouth and then had to get it out again! They also do an impressive slide on their stomachs and end up kissing the crocs on their mouths. This is the worlds largest crocodile farm and has over 60,000 crocs in stock. You can also feed the huge crocs fish heads on a bamboo pole for about 50Bahts. A good day out.


This place is not on the beaten track but well worth a visit, at only 300bahts to get in. It has a baby croc to hold and then a 2.5ft croc and the show is repeated every hour. The show was very good , head in the mouth and kissing the croc was done and an amazing trick of the man putting his whole arm right up to the shoulder, he then pulled some slimy stuff out and said that it came from the crocs stomach! There isn't really anything else to do here so an hours visit is plenty.      

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