Crocodile & Alligator Collectables - Guinness World Record Attempt

About Us
My name is Andy and I'm a self confessed crocaholic!
I started collecting Crocodiles/Alligators in 2000. It all started when I moved into a new house and I needed some new furniture, but instead of furniture I brought a really cool 3ft wooden Crocodile and that's where it all began, I was hooked on them.
Over the years, I have collected around 6000 different crocs and gators recently becoming the Guinness World Records holder of the official Biggest Collector of Crocodiles items in the world.
I have ones made of wood, glass, metal, pottery, soft toys, china, plastic, marble, you name it I've got it.
I must have been to over 25 Crocodile parks around the world and have even trained with them in Florida. On this site I will be reviewing Gator parks and telling you what you can expect, the good, the bad and the ugly.
I also have a Facebook page, Crocodile Collectables. For every 'like' that my page gets I  pledge to donate 10p to my local Cancer Hospice so get on there and get me donating.
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